Jahfarii is mysteriously uncommon, and not above revelealing his undeniable wave of energy on Instagram and other social media outlets. As the owner, creative designer and director for his Limited Liability Company Jahfarii-Beads, Jahfarii radiates an essence of rarity. 

After five successful years, Jahfarii, has made it clear that he is "determined not just to design jewelry but to also give a new energy to style, but a new enlightenment on life through fashion."

"Beading was definitely not on my life agenda," raised a by "my step father who was a multi self-employed business owner, my mother... she was everything, a federal/government worker, and she made jewelry when I was in my youth and I HATED IT, however I was surrounded by their work ethics, and thats what I needed." People often time says "I was ahead of my time."

"I just let life take me away, I was blowing in the wind, I was going with the way of life, just like the Rastafarian religion. Bob Marley gave Jahfarii his name in 2012, meaning "God Respect" "Reggae music made me feel good, it felt so good I began reseaching the orgin of its creation, which lead me to understand life's energy through gratitude."